Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Have No Fear

I'm back! I'm sorry I've been gone quite so long but took a little trip out of town. I have not died from the previously mentioned funk but thank you all for the concern.

Well, I am now unemployed....ummm.....I mean "self employed". I now have much more dependable home internet access so I plan on posting quite regularly. However, not going to post right now as have much business to conduct....okay, well I have to go buy school supplies....ummm...I mean "office supplies".

More later, gentle readers.


Julie said...

Welcome home Floyd Baby. We've missed you and your rants um, I mean writings :)

cowboy dan said...

welcome home, indeed, Floyd Baby. we really didn't get enough quality time in over the weekend. so glad you're back!
by the way, keep the funk to yourself.