Monday, May 16, 2005

Things Learned on a Monday

1. Just because the big purple bottle of laundry detergent is for sale does not mean that I should buy it. I smell like a Mexican whorehouse (with all sincere apologies to Mexicans ....and to whores, for that matter).

2. Just because POD slept in until 4:00 in the afternoon doesn't mean she is really sick - just that she's a really good faker.

3. Just because it's Monday doesn't mean you will learn more than 2 things in a given day.

1 comment:

Magoozie said...

Oh how I have missed you floyd...! Glad to see that you DID live through the weekend... and when shall we expect you back? I have come to realize that it's been a little dreary with no Beastie boys coming ever so wonderfully from Ms. Microphone. You also missed your chance to let one "tapered pant wearing HMMPF!" know she is no longer wanted around those parts!