Friday, April 22, 2005

I Have Arrived

Good news! I'm now getting random "grow up" comments. Wooohooo!

For reference purposes, my open letter to the bathroom stalker solicited this comment:

At 12:03 PM, Chief Wannahockaloogy said...
Yo, bitches are whacked. We all shit.What, only one female shitter allowed in there at a time? Is it un-ladylike to take a crap? Bah.Any female over the age of five knows to give their perfumed pompus egos a break and drop a load just like the rest of humanity when necessary.Let me're under (twenty) 5. Grow up.

Cool! I'm a whack shitting bitch! Hot damn! AND he thinks I'm under 25! Could this day get any better? I think not!

At this point I will refrain from pointing out the irony in basically being called immature by a guy who refers to himself by his Indian booger name.

And yes, Chief - we bitches are whack. We don't shit in front of each other too much. We will however fart as loudly as possible at random moments because like you male jackasses, we too find that funny as hell. And yes, we all shit - but that doesn't mean I have to force my noxious fumes on others in a public restroom. So really it's not my pompous perfumed ego that needs tending, it's rather my kind heart towards others that keeps me from randomly crapping in the presence of others.

However you, Chief BallSackNeedsaWashin, feel free to keep spreading your shit wherever you feel necessary.


VI said...

I am laughing out loud and tearing up here and sure SOMEONE will come into my office and want to know what is so funny... and how willl I explain YOUR REPLY?

Please, keep from this level of funny in the future - for the sake of my EMPLOYMENT!


thisgirl said...

Just found you today...where have you been al my life? Funny ass shit. Any gal that laughs at shit, farts...boogers; well, that's my kinda person.