Friday, June 10, 2005

Riddle Me This

Gentle readers, what is the proper decorum and etiquette of the home office? I'm meeting a client in my home for the first time and this has raised some puzzling issues.

Are candles unprofessional? Even when used to cover the smell of wet dog?

How 'bout capris pants? Wrong in the home office setting? Old Nave tshirts are appropriate anywhere, right?

Surely, if not capris pants, then sandals? Toes are polished so it's okay, right?

I mean who really wants to see me sitting in my own house in heels and dress slacks? Clearly, not the dog who keeps rubbing his molting skin all over me!

And what about background noise? Is it wrong that they can hear the dog licking his empty nut sack through the bedroom door?

Is it wrong to have the Foo Fighters quitely playing in the background?

So I have injection needles laying about the kitchen, need I explain that the dog is diabetic or just let them come to their own conclusions?

If there is a bad smell, is it appropriate to mention the dog's flatulence issues?

Will they notice that the hand towels in the guest bath arenn't exactly clean?

Can I charge them for parking in the driveway?

You know - they really don't tackle these issues in law school.


VI said...

I think it depends on the client and why they are there.

Julie said...

You are off the hook my friend! I'm coming over next :) Have a groovy weekend!

suzinalexa said...

I work from home but never meet customers here. I try to go to their offices or meet them in a hotel lobby or a coffee shop.

Having said that, the capris, sandals and dog sounds are all cool with me but the Foo Fighters have got to go.


suzinalexa said...

Oh and by the way, what should I bring? White or red wine?


Anonymous said...

No question about it - your house does smell

Anonymous said...

But not as bad as Bob's piss room.

Gas Man said...

If you want a new client do not offer them your famous or infamous chicken dip.

kari said...

That lick,licking sound is the WORST!