Thursday, June 16, 2005

Can't Talk...Coming Down

Well, gentle readers, I would love to enthrall you with birthday debauchery tales but alcohol is a funny thing - makes you do things you wouldn't normally do but mercifully makes you forget most of them.

With that in mind, I'll try to hit the highlights of my 2 day bender.

On Tuesday, I hit my home bar of the Paradise to ingest several shots which were generously sent my direction. My pals also plied me with gifts and hors d'oeuvres (which really is the way to my heart - just in case you wanted to know - I love me some mini corndogs). As you can well imagine, Wednesday was a little difficult. It seems all the brain fluid in my cranium had clearly been replaced with alcohol and therefore me head hurt a wee bit. I want even go into the nausea.

After some greasy food, I recovered enough to welcome Cowboy Dan to my little abode where the whole vicious cycle started up all over again. We hit my other local hot spot where well-wishers plied us with chocolate martinis. Now, I think we all know that I'm pretty much a straight-forward Bud Light gal but I suppose one has to break out of one's rut occassionally. Cowboy Dan would also like me to mention that she beat out Fat Baby's Mamma and Kitty in actually delivering a birthday gift to me closest to my actual birthday. Said gift is a bottle of tequilla and some margaritta mix - does she know me or what?

So here it is at 11:33 on Thursday and I'm still in my pajamas. God, I love working for myself.

To all friends, thanks for all the good wishes and nice comments - you all my birthday simply grand.


cowboy dan said...

A. For your readership - I checked on POD. She is good, but had to have the scissors taken away from her last night for unknown reasons.
B. You neglected to mention your lovely monogrammed hand towels (black & red per Dale Jr.) and your Jr. ice bucket, so I thought I would.
C. Mini-corndogs rock!

The Paradise Lesbian said...

Oh What A party it was!!!!

Bottle Rocket Fire Alarm said...

Sounds like a sauced-up blast. Happy belated birthday to you!

astrocoz said...

Sounds like time well spent!

bethany said...

the only thing that tops mini corn dogs is a big ole plate of mini tacos. happy belated!