Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Welcome to Floyd's Tailgate!

Hello all and welcome to my tailgate.

So I was just sitting here talking to my pal Kitty and she says I should write some stuff - which basically is Kitty's code for leave me the hell alone and go bug other people. Kitty and I had some discussion about what to call this lovely little spot and Floyd's Tailgate won out....mainly because all the ones Kitty came up with sounded dirty. By the way, Kitty wants to make sure everyone knows we're not lesbos (except for that one time Kitty was in college but she doesn't like you to tease her about that).

Sooooooo.....this blog will be a spot for our NASCAR tales - our adventures in infield partying. I'm sure we'll be throwing in other random shit as well as we quite often go off topic.

Kitty thinks it best we start out with a mission statement so here is an itemized list of our goals (by the way, Kitty says missions are one liners but screw Kitty):

1. To share otherwise unsharable exploits at NASCAR brew ha-ha's through our eyes....our eyes being the all girl, all blond crew of me (Floyd or Lil'Bit), Kitty and our pal Cowboy Dan (also known as Manhands).
2. To find something to do that doesn't make me want to shoot myself like my job does.
3. To be able to use this as a cool pickup line for a little redneck at a race, i.e. "come check out my blog".
4. To become world famous, toss our careers out the window and shove it to the man.

Well, this is just a little forewarning here - I'll add more later - most likely while I'm at work pretending to work.

Yours truly,
Vladimir Poopshoot (but you can call me Floyd)


biffleboy said...

Well, Lil Bit, looking forward to your anecdotes and forays into the inpenetrable world of NASCAR. It appears we are in for a good laugh or many.

truckinman48 said...

Finally - girls gone wild in the infield.