Thursday, July 28, 2005

Sign of the Apocalypse, Part Deux

Well, gentle readers, it's happened. As all things in the blogworld turn, my idiot friends have collectively decided, "Fuck Floyd! We're worlds funnier than her and why should she be the only one seeking internet fame and fortune!". And frankly, we all know they're right.

That's right, gentle reader. My pals and chums have decided to join us here in blogland. So without further ado, I introduce you to the following:

Me Wonders - the ramblings and musings of our very own Cowboy Dan

Team Endura - and of course, Kitty is not to outdone

Mandals - my good pal, the Dutch Porn Star has also taking his turn as a wordsmith.

Enjoy. And be kind - I don't want to be the evil bitch that sent the forces of darkness upon them....or maybe I do...hmmmmm.

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