Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hey Jackass...I'm Charging By the Hour

Dear Asswipe Client,

I realize that you may or may not have some legal issues which you would like dealt with in a professional and successful manner. I realize that you are probably truly stressed by the rough hand some big, bad meanie out there has dealt you. I realize that under ALL that turmoil you have found it very difficult to reach out to the dreaded and evil lawyer for help. I realize that all lawyers should be in the bottom of the ocean or that according to Shakespeare, we should all be killed first.

But guees what, Jackass?


That's right, Dick Smoke. Despite what thoughts might be floating around in the little pea brain of yours, my time is valuable. I do not sit at my desk all day merely waiting for you to appear so that I can listen to you whine and bitch about how society is either - a) racist; b) sexist; c) ageist; or d) simply cruel and out to get you. Cause really unless you show up with a certified check and hand it to me before you even open your yapper, I could really give a rat's ass.

Despite what you see on t.v., the world doesn't owe you shit - and neither do I. Matter of fact, it is YOU who owe me - that's right, you're harshing my buzz. You are sucking up my oxygen and ruining precious hours in which I could be drunk.

So the next time you think you need a little legal shoulder to cry on, call the People's Court cause I'm heading to the bar.

Your Devoted Legal Counsel


Julie said...

Can I come to the bar too? Health Club Owners are major asshats when it comes to keeping appointments.
~crossing off third appointment missed this week!~

The Paradise Lesbian said...

How dare anyone waste your drinking time. That is totally Un-American, not to mention Anti-Southern!!