Monday, July 18, 2005

And Now....A Little Something About Me

Well, gentle readers, I've managed to subdue my liver after some careful bribing with a Bourbon and a Big Mac. He says he'll stick around a little longer if I promise to drink one glass of water per week. It's a hard bargain but I suppose one must do what one must do.

As I am currently wrapped up in full Harry Potter mania and therefore do not have a single original thought in my head that doesn't involve muggles or pensives, I thought it prime time to turn to you, gentle reader. That's right! It's time for Reader Email! (If you could please hear some sort of trumpet fanfare or perhaps Spanish Flea playing in the background, I would greatly appreciate it)

So, let's get right to it...

1. Exactly how many medications are you on?

Weeeelllll, hard to say, hard to say. On a daily basis? None. However, I would say that about weekly some guys in white coats hold me down and administer a few shots. I think that's just for the rabies though.

2. Is the POD (the Princess of Darkness) really all that dark?

No, she's blond. HA! But she does have a fondness for the color black and a general hatred toward all things pink. And I mean, HATRED - the color pink has been somewhat demonized by the POD. We are a pink-free zone.

3. So really, how much are you drinking and should I be concerned?

Ummmmm...I'm probably drinking a lot in YOUR book but in my book, I'm just drinking up to a "colorful" or perhaps "eccentric" level. No need for an intervention. (But if you are planning an intervention I do NOT want to be on that A&E show "Intervention" - their makeup person clearly sucks)

4. How's the new business going?

Well, I suppose okay...I'm broke...but people still call and I'm able to bullshit my way through their issues (ummmm...except for any clients that may be reading right now - your stuff I've got handled, no worries!)

5. Holy crap, does your family know you write about them this way?

Hell no! What kind of moron do you take me for? Well, actually Daddy and Skank Ass Cousin know about it but that's about it. POD would find it amusing but would probably devise new antics to be included in my commentary more often - and my heart (or heck, my liver) couldn't take that. If Captain Nutty knew, she would be forced into years more intensive therapy and I would be subjected to at least 2 more weepy phone calls per day over the 2 daily hand wringing episodes I already receive.

6. So is Captain Nutty really all that nutty?

Yes.....oh god, yes. You people have no idea. NO IDEA.

7. Are you as hot looking in person as you are in your pictures?

Yes....oh god, yes. You people have no idea. NO IDEA.

8. Aren't you concerned that with sharing all this information someone is going to steal your identity?

HAHAHAHAHAHA....GOOOD LUCK. If someone goes through all that trouble, I hope they take that $20 worth of credit and run with it. Party on me. Hell, here's my social security number - 334-58-0092 - have fun.

9. What's with all the weird names of your friends? Can a fella get a little helping hand or a decoder ring?

Okay, I realize those that newly pop in may become confused by the nicknames. However, I would like to inform all that I really call these people by these names. Per your request, decoder ring coordinates follow:

Kitty and Cowboy Dan = best pals - both chicks (and no, I don't know why I call her Cowboy Dan, I just do)
Fat Baby family = other best friend - all spoken of in relation to Fat Baby because he is the center of our universe
POD = Princess of Darkness who is 15 year old little sister who lives with me during the school year
Captain Nutty = my mother...nuf sed.
Skank Ass Cousin = rather self-explanatory, I would think. Also serves as best friend and compatriot in many adventures (read: drunkenness)

I have other pals who comment that I do know in my personal life - Paradise Lesbian, Magoozie, Big Fat Twin Mamma and many more.

10. Should I be calling for help?

Yes...yes, you should. Matter of fact, what the fuck are you still doing here? Get me some help!

11. Are you really a lawyer? Cause seriously, your spelling and grammar really kinda suck...

No, but I play one on the Internet....and in my office, but don't tell anyone. I'm actually a 12 year-old repeating the 4th grade for the third time.

12. Seriously, for the love of all that's holy, please, please tell me you make this stuff up?

No. I wish I could tell you that I'm that creative but everything here is true....well, except for a little creative license here and there. OKAY! You busted me - in the Daytona post, I mentioned that Kitty and Cowboy Dan rode around in a little red was yellow. So sue me.

Sooooo, that ought to help you out a little bit. Feel free to keep the questions coming. I'll feel free to bullshit my way through them.

Much love,
Vladimir Poopshoot

P.S. Before you ask, Vladimir Poopshoot is one my many aliases and a key proponent in the fight to make A.S.S. a national holiday.

P.S.S. No, I haven't forgotten you, Dutch Porn Star. You will have your debut very soon.

P.S.S.S. Special shout out to Big Fat Twin Mamma - you keep those kids in there, you hear me! If you let them start calling the shots now, you'll never get the upper hand again! Sure, now they just want out of the womb a little early, but the next thing you know they're stealing your car, smoking the whacky weed and blaming each other for knocking up the neighbor's daughter. Keep your legs crossed and your ass on the couch, Mamma!

P.S.S.S.S. Another shout out to Big Fat Twin Mamma - Floyd is a great name for a really...I'm just saying.


Dancewriter said...

Glad to see you back - I was concerned that your liver may have have staged a coup d'etat and that you may have been a casualty.

cowGIRL dan said...

Hereupon I would like to be referred to as CowGIRL Dan. It's a simple request that I hope you will respect. If not, I will be forced to post your infamous hooters application picture on Me Wonders.

Kitty said...

You will NEVER be known as CowGIRL Dan, Cowboy Dan...that would entail too much editing of phones and such. Be proud in your heritage, Cowboy!

Cowgirl Dan said...

That's it! Your "skin hanging off your bones" picture will also be posted on Me Wonders.
And if Kitty isn't going to play nice, perhaps she should be de-clawed?

Dutch Porn Star said...

Thanks for the little shout out

magoozie said...

Since we are all shouting, I shall send a HUGE shout out back to Floyd, My deepest appologies for missing you guys (gals) this weekend, and if your liver can find the time... this magoozie has a beastie boys song in que and a couple bud light cold and waiting.....on me!