Thursday, March 24, 2005

For Those Following Along At Home...

So I went and added a little counter/statistics thingy to my little blog project and well, smack my ass and call me Sally but I had 74 hits today! Now, excluding the 58 times I checked in to see if anyone actually posted a comment (yes, loser friends, that is directed at you - post a comment, please!) and the like 8 of my pals that know about this blog, that still leaves at least a few folks that are new and complete strangers!

So a big shoutout to all my new internet pals! I thought I would help you out and give you a bit of a run down on this shitbag I am currently referring to as my life. You know - just to help you understand the bitterness and rampant cyncism. For those of you who already know me, well, just settle down, Skippy, we'll get back to new stuff soon.

I'm single. I'm 34. I'm bitter.

Okay, all done.

No, just kidding. Let's see - I find my profession a wee bit stifling (read: mind numblingly boring) but as yet I can see no way to make money whilst sitting on my ass on my couch all day yelling at the various talk shows- yet. So for now, I work. Okay, I go to work....actual output of quality product? Minimal.

You'll often see me refer to the Princess of Darkness or POD. POD is my 14 year old little sister that is currently living with me. She has a few little quirks and issues which are we dealing with as they pop up (you know - a little mental illness plus a little love of the goth life - what kid doesn't have the same thing going on?). Our parents live in the North away from our madness as they are focused on their own particular chess match with insanity otherwise known as my mother, Captain Nutty.

Cowboy Dan, Kitty and Fat Baby's Mamma are all my best friends even though they live in different cities. And no, those name aren't aliases - it's really what I call them. I'm a firm believer in nicknames since when drinking, I'm apt to forget your god-given name but will remember to call you something inappropriate and occassionally witty.

Hobbies....let's see....drinking, cussing and going to Nascar races. Aren't I a peach? I'm really not as redneck as that sounds but hey, you stick to your knitting and I'll stick to my drinking. Your hobby probably sucks since it doesn't make you puke on a regular basis.

Okay, so there's your update! I'll eventually copy this into my profile once I figure out how to do shit on this shit (see that? random, pointless cussing - I'm all about random, pointless cussing).

I don't know how to list my favorite blogs on the side in a neat little category yet but these are the folks that make me laugh every day. (And no comparing how funny they are compared to me - bat rastards)

Deborah (my new friend, Deborah, who might not know she's my new friend)
Bad News Hughes (funny as all hell)
Pixie (my other new pal)

So guess who learned to put a link in her blog today? You're damn skippy, ME! (see? more random, more pointless)


Cowboy Dan said...

Good to see you reaching out to the general public. No need to entertain only Kitty and I.

deborah said...

Just stopping by to make a small contribution to your stats counter. And to thank you for the shout out.

Anyone who drinks like a fish is more than OK in my book.