Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I Fell In Love This Weekend

That's right, gentle readers, IN LOVE.....with the television show 24. And for those who clicked on this thinking to find some sappy "fatgal meets emotionally available, six pack ab guy who swoons at her humor and wit to such extent he overlooks her back boobies and surface of the moon thighs and swears his total devotion" story, you are at the wrong damn blog and frankly, you should have known better.

After recovering from a near life ending hangover of vast proportions on Friday, I rebounded over the weekend to discover that A&E was playing the last season of 24 in an awe-inspiring marathon. Now, I'd heard the hub-bub over this little tv gem but frankly during the season, I could never follow it due to other "outside the house and off my couch" obligations - miss one episode and you were shit out of luck. But apparently, since I'm dirt poor now, I can devote 24 hours of my labor day weekend to intrigue and Jack Bauer. Loved it. Loved it to the negligence of POD duties. Loved it to the negligence of racing duties and Kitty hand-holding.

This of course reignited my eternal passion for my favorite thing in the world - television. Alas, I had forgotten my true love what with drinking and the raising of the POD and such. But it has been rediscovered. I have gone over and over my recent Entertainment Weekly which has an in-depth study of the upcoming fall season. Currently, I'm contemplating putting some premiere dates into my calendar...the only thing holding me back is how incredibly dorky this might be but slap my ass and call me Sally, I just devoted 24 hours to a tv show, I think my reputation can handle the blow.

So, as if you give a crap, I will rundown my television interests - past, present and future - in full disclosure of my dorkiness. If you choose to no longer visit this site in fear my geekdom may rub off on you, I completely understand.

Childhood loves? Electric Company and Captain Kangaroo far surpassed Seasame Street and that crack addict, Mr. Rogers.

Teen loves? Anything they put on MTV - when they used to play videos. Now every time I swing by MTV, it's always spring break which just leaves me with pictures of POD in some bar in Tijuana letting some jackass guy/gal take a shot out of her ass crack or something. I already have those fears - no need for MTV to stoke that fire.

College tv affairs? Knot's Landing and you can thank my roommate Whitney for this one. I would still ball Gary Ewing.

Law school diversions? The usual suspects - 90210, Melrose Place and Party of Five. We had whole dinner parties around Melrose Place viewings but that certainly doesn't make us unique.....of course, the level of drunkeness while simultaneously viewing Melrose and doing case briefs might make us a tad special.

Near past loves? Well, here's a hint - I hereby by pledge allegiance to Joss Whedon and all that he has done or may do in the future. My buddy Rob and I (shout out to Rob!) watched these shows over the phone together - he being in Florida and me being in Chicago.....ummmmm....neither of us got out much at the time (but you should know we both have risen over our loser status and rock out with our cocks out now!)

Present madness? Putting my new lover of 24 aside, I tivo Alias and Lost - but big whoop - most kids do.

Currently enjoying Rockstar INXS and well, that is all the summer had to offer me.

Let's see.... what else.....oh, I love The Office but mostly love the british version which cracks my ass up.

I recently viewed Always Sunny in Philadelphia which made me snort.

On the pay cable side, give me some Deadwood, you cocksuckers. (Wow, that sounded nasty)

On my expanded cable side, if left to my own devices, I would watch every single episode of the Wedding Story and Adoption Stories. Also, if you have a show with sextuplets or something conjoined, count me in.

What shows am I looking forward to this fall? Hard to say, hard to say.

The return of favorites - Without a Trace, Cold Case, Grey's Anatomy,Arrested Development, House, Gilmore Girls, Amazing Race, and Veronica Mars.

New shows I'll be checking on - Prison Break (already like it), Kitchen Confidential (with Xander in it!), My Name is Earl, Bones (starring Angel!). I'm sure I'll be checking out the whole alien genre that seems to bepopping up this fall as well.

I will NOT be watching Martha Stewart, Donald Trump or Geena Davis (the size of her teeth scare me).

Well, that's it - I'm out of the closet. I am a tv addict. Don't even get me started on my obsession with all awards shows or the Simpsons or King of the Hill.

We've merely tapped the surface, my friends. There's alot of bullshit beneath this.

I hereby open myself up to all of your tv related queries - I am in the loop, in the "know", I know my tv. Bring it on.


Cowgirl Dan said...

You had best remember your primary responsibilities this fall beginning and ending with a combination of football and racing. With all this tv talk, I'm starting to doubt your loyalty to the team.

The Paradise Lesbian said...

Why Floyd, You forgot The "L" Word!!! For shame!!!

bethany said...

Hello, my name is Bethany and I too am a TV addict.

Not only can I see your 24 marthon on a holiday weekend, (my friend and I stayed in New Years Eve to have a marathon of Season 2) but I will raise you an excel spreadsheet of premiere dates times and what I am going to DVR, vs. what I am going to watch live.

Please tell me you watch Nip/Tuck? If not, you are missing out!

cubbiegirl said...

24 is kick ass. Its one show that both me and Geo agree on. Big amazing race fan too.

SpanishMere said...

OK--I have to admit that I have been a Floyd's Tailgate addict for the last 6 months or so. Hello, my name is Meredith, and I am a Floyd's Tailgateaholic. Helllllo, Meredith. Anyway, I am Les Anne's (fat baby's mama's sister-in-law) friend in Spain (see my shoutout from about 5 months ago for reference), and the whole TV conversation has me going. I am in a country where I have no access to AMAZING shows like 24, Iron Chef, Amazing Race, etc. I HATE IT!!! I have literally sunken to the level of watching DVD versions of Survivor (don't get me wrong, I LOVE IT) and Chappelle's show--just to get a taste of home. This leads me to my reason for appearing out of the cyber-dust we all call home now. I decided to break my silence as you have failed to mention a show that I think may really interest you--the Ali G show. I may be mistaken, but Floyd, I really think this one may appeal to you. Please don't mistake this for the latest Ali G movie, as said movie stinks of mierda. There's definitely a reason that some shows only last for 18 minutes (forgive 12 minutes of commercial breaks). Anyway, checkit if you can and let me know what you think. Thanks so much for many, many laughs and goodtimes in my native language. Cheers.

Dutch Porn Star said...

spanishmere had it right, ali g is right up your alley. What I am more interested in is prison break. If it has anything to do with the website you once showed me than count me in. I would like to know dates and times it is on, and I am sure it must be pay-per-view, right?

Pixie LaRouge said...

I love you. lovelovelove. I didn't know you were a Buffy-addicted ho, too! So far, I don't find myself disagreeing with you on the telly addictions. Veronica is my (new) hero (without that vamp-kicking chickie to adore, I needed a cute blonde in my life).

One question: Angel or Spike?