Thursday, August 02, 2007

Header? Who Needs a Stinking Header?

Clearly I have not figured out what happened to my header but if you're here, you know this is Floyd's Tailgate. Poop.

Anyhooooo, things are chumming along swimmingly. Same shit, different year.

Let's see....what haven't I told you....

Oh! The POD gave our house key away to some runaway kid that needed a place to stay. I shit you not. She knew the kid for about 24 hours and decided that he was fine to come stay at our house. She's an excellent judge of character - witness Krystal with K, the latin lesbian gang banger the POD loved or the pot smoking juvenile enemy number 1 that she allowed into the rents' house who stole my mother's wedding ring. Yeah. Her judgment is top notch.

Captain Nutty is coming to visit. Contain your excitement, everyone! Just settle the hell down!

Frankly, the only things that really make these visits tolerable is her purchasing power. I know - super shallow - but the truth's a bitch. POD needs school clothes and I need every product currently sold by Sephora. Course Captain Nutty called crying and saying she has no money. So I'm thinking a well-timed return phone call saying "no money, no visity" is in order.

If you hear a high pitch wailing, you'll know that's my mother doing her best dying cat impression.

Other than that...same old, same old. Anybody still there? Anything going on with you? Do you know how I recover my masthead thingie?


MM said...

Okay - fine - slacker
I will tell you where your header went.

Blogger linked up with google and when they did they - they *changed* blogger JUST ENOUGH that when you logged in via blogger... it STOLE your heading and threw it away.

If you have a digital file/copy of it, you can put it back in - somewhere around template mode.
If you don't have a copy of it... you are a little fooked.

Either way, you need to be working a little harder to put something up for me to read. I am a bored girl at work and I could use some humor.

I mean, REALLY!

Floyd said...

Oh my gox, I love you so much MM!

Will now try to see if I have those thingies that you mentioned. Will then diligently work on entertaining you.

Miss Hope said...

Gall dang, Floyd. Southern Georgia needs to know how things are elsewhere in Georgia on a regular basis.

If my oldest gave our key to some punk stranger? I'd have to hurt her in a go to jail kind of way and you might have to take a road trip since you work in this state and all.

Anonymous said...

I would get on your case about the lack in motivation (i.e. funny reading material for me), but I can't say I am any better. I decided I was going to post upon my year anniversary of non-posting. Does that make any sense? If I don't get around to posting, I will still be up your ass begging you for an entertaining post.

The Crooked Cervix