Thursday, November 30, 2006

We Could So Hang Out

I'm a Good Morning America girl. You can stick your Today show. Katie Couric made my teeth hurt and frankly, even though she's gone, the after taste is too sacharine for me. I like to have my morning Diet Coke with Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts.It's how I roll.

This brings me to this fine morning (which isn't really fine at all as it is raining and the lights on my Christmas tree mysteriously shorted out).

Robin Roberts was at the White House for a lovely tour of the Christmas decorations (bet their freaking lights didn't short out - my taxes at work and all).

Robin was joined live by the lovely first lady, Laura Bush. Now, I don't delve into politics here too much (and yes, I hear you all going "hell, you don't delve into anything lately!" - bite me)but I love the first lady. She's Texan. She's nice. She's got a backbone of steel. She's got a kickin accent and rocks a pantsuit like no other. She calls her husband "Bushy" and that right there is hysterical.

And now I love her even more.

She's giving Robin (and ME!) the grand tour of the first crib and brings us to the red room. She explains it's one of her favorite rooms because it's so festive during the holidays.

She then does her best Vanna White impression and points to the lovely portrait over the fireplace.

And goes as follows, "This is the lovely portrait of Angelica Huston over the mantel.".

Ummmm.....Angelica Huston? Daugher of acclaimed director John Huston? Oscar winner for Prizzi's Honor, Huston?

Wow. Didn't know she was so popular with the political set.

Mrs. Bush later rolls into saying it was Angelica Van Buren but frankly, I find Angelica Huston much more interesting.

Rock the vote, sister friend!


kitty said...

Based on the title of this blog, I thought it was about Dale Earnhardt Jr. I guess Laura Bush was my second choice...

Miss Hope said...

I think she's cool, too. The kind of gal you could show up wearing flip flops and she'd casually eat a sandwhich in the kitchen with you and pretend the dining room always has place settings out.

Sophmom said...

I'm sorry I missed that. Huston, Van Buren, gee, who wouldn't get them confused?

I'm a Good Morning America girl too, by the way. I can't stand Katie. Never could.

Miss see ya in the bar. Not gettin' out nearly enough. *sigh*

The Paradise Lesbian said...

I use to be a GMA fan but now I'm a "Today" fan and you know why!!!