Friday, January 26, 2007

Peace Be With You

So guess what I did on New Years Eve? Go on, guess!

Did you say "marry two of your best friends"? Then you're right!

I am pleased to announce that Cowboy Dan and Dutch were joined in holy matrimony by your's truly.

That's right, you heathens, I am now an official minister of the Universal Life Church & Monastery (both a church AND a monastery!). It was free to be indoctrinated but I paid the extra $30 for the parking pass and plastic badge.

This of course means that THIS:

Was married to THAT:


I'm also avialable for funerals, baptisms and "love unions". Fees include a case of a beer and a ride home. I'm just saying.


Sophmom said...

Well, it's good to hear! I bet you could even help me get unmarried! :D

Miss Hope said...

Well? Did you get the job at Hooter's, too?

The Paradise Lesbian said...

Oh My, My attorney has so many talents!!!

The Paradise Lesbian said...

Okay Floyd, It is now the middle of March and no new blog. It's time for an update and I know you have plenty of material!!