Friday, October 06, 2006

Any Takers?

So I've been a little stressed. Nothing new about that really. And not "overwhelming, pull the covers over my head and pray for the Apocalypse" stress but more the "would it be wrong to have wine at 9 am?" stress.

You need an example, you say?

Well, okay.

I was brushing my teeth this morning because despite my predilection for Nascar, I have a full mouth of teeth.

Well, so I'm brushing away. And all is good.

Something happens. I don't really know what. It wasn't traumatic, it was just an impulse or something.

Result? I bit down on my toothbrush.

I bit down on my toothbrush HARD.

And well, I broke my toothbrush.

That's right, I lockjawed on that fine Oral B apparatus and broke it. Broke it into a couple of pieces. With my teeth.

So, that begs the question.....

Who wants a blowjob?


astrocoz said...

Broke your toothbrush? I swear you lawyers could chew through anything, huh? My best friend, also a lawyer, chewed through her acrylic nails...chewed them all off during her final exams for law school. I think you definitely deserve the wine at 9am.

Sophmom said...

Dang. You need to go to the bar and chill with the funky folks. I'll see you there.

The Paradise Lesbian said...

Well Floyd, I'll pass on the blow job (for obivious reasons) Partake of the wine, after all you DESERVE it!!

tiarrajunkie said...

Oh my Floyd you are stressed. Not to worry I have a sure fire cure... get (not give)two blow jobs and a glass of wine before 9am and that should fix that nasty little toothbrush problem you're having. Works for me anyway ;)