Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Help Me, Pfizer! I Need You!*

*Alternative titles: Pharmaceuticals, Your Friends - Phone Call for Eli-Lilly! Eli-Lilly? - Blowjobs for Xanex! Blowjobs for Xanex! - Crazy..It's Just Not For Breakfast Anymore

Questions fielded in the past 24 hours?

Do you love me?

Do you think the POD loves me?

How do you turn on the t.v.?

Is the POD studying?

Do you think the POD is studying?

Where are you going racing again? (The answer is....ATLANTA, MORON! 45 MINUTES AWAY!)

Do you think the POD is going to be okay?

What are you going to do if I die?

Do you have enough money to make it next month?

How are you going to get money?

Shouldn't be working?

Why are you watching this t.v. show?

Does the POD have clean clothes?

Do you love me?

Do you think the POD hates me?

Rinse and repeat.....

For the record, none of the above questions were answered without severe eye rolling and heavy sighing so that Captain Nutty could flashback to my teenage years when I thought she was a moron. Oh my, how times have changed...


astrocoz said...

Good God! Do you have a shot gun? It might be best to put her out of her misery or at least tranq her for a few hours.

The Macek Collective said...

I can't believe I am saying this....but some things even drugs can't cure.

Pixie LaRouge said...

You've been ghosted! Trot over here:

to get your rules. Happy hauntings